Lori Wingate
Co-Principal Investigator
Arlen Gullickson
Co-Principal Investigator
Emma Perk
Project Manager
Miranda Lee
Data Architect
Cheryl Endres
Doctoral Associate
Patricia Negrevski
Budget Analyst/Project Assistant

National Visiting Committee

Every ATE center has a National Visiting Committee that provides advice, assess plans and progress, and enhances the center’s reach and dissemination. EvaluATE’s NVC includes experts in both evaluation and STEM education.

Nick Smith (Chair)
Professor of Education, Syracuse University
Dennis FaberDennis Faber
Co-PI, Mentor Connect
FCC Consulting
Elizabeth Teles
Teles Consulting
Peggie Weeks
Lamoka Educational Consulting

Community College Liaison Panel

Members of EvaluATE’s Community College Liaison Panel provide regular input on EvaluATE’s materials and activities to ensure their relevance and timelines to the ATE program’s two-year college stakeholders. They facilitate external review and field-testing of our resource materials and serve as evaluation ambassadors with the ATE community.

Michael Lesiecki
Maricopa Community Colleges
Marilyn Barger
Hillsborough Community College
Sharon Gusky
Northwestern Connecticut Community College
Mike Rudibaugh
Kaskaskia College

External Evaluator