Annual Survey

The ATE Annual Survey has been conducted annually by the WMU Evaluation Center since 2000. The survey collects basic information about ATE projects and centers, their organizational practices, and collaborative efforts, as well as their activities and impacts in the areas of curriculum materials development, professional development for technician educators, and technician education program development and improvement.

Survey findings are used by NSF in reporting to Congress and making decisions about the program. Current and prospective ATE grantees can use the results to learn about the program wide activities and for their own evaluation work. the survey fact sheets on this page present the results of the annual survey. The snapshots represent specific types of information that would be useful for benchmarking purposes.

ATE Survey 2019

Current Report & Data Snapshots

2018 ATE Annual Survey Report

2018 ATE Survey Highlights

2018 ATE Survey Graphics

2018 ATE Annual Survey Data Snapshots:

Past Reports & Data Snapshots

ATE Annual Survey Reports

ATE Annual Survey Data Snapshots

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