Emma Perk

Project Manager Research, The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University

Emma Perk is co-principal investigator and project manager for EvaluATE, the evaluation support center for the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. She has five years of evaluation experience, presenting in webinars and workshops for national and international audiences, developing resources, newsletters, and reports. She oversees production of the newsletter, coordinates our webinars, and works with both our CCLP and NVC. She also coordinates outreach with our contributing authors. She has a degree in Anthropology and specializes in graphic design, data visualization, and project coordination.

Resource: How to create a retrospective pre-post survey in Google Forms

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We had a great question come in through Twitter-

“Q: Any clu how to structure items for retrospective pre-post surveys in ?”

A: Use a multiple choice grid.

See below for the steps or view the PDF.

2. Enter pre-post variables in row 1 and row 2

3. Enter measurement variables as columns

4. Preview survey question

5. Test the survey form

6. Launch survey and get results!

See it in Google Forms: https://goo.gl/forms/2si0dwb69foaTdKF3

Have questions? Feel free to contact Emma (emma.perk@wmich.edu).

Newsletter: Survey Says Winter 2016

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On the 2015 ATE survey, 65 of 230 principal investigators (28%) reported spending some portion of their annual budgets on research. Six of these projects were funded as targeted research. Among the other 59 projects, expenditures on research ranged from 1% to 65% with a median of 14%. With just six targeted research projects and less than a third of all ATE grantees engaging in research, there is immense opportunity within the ATE program to expand research on technician education.



The full report of 2015 ATE survey findings, along with data snapshots and downloadable graphics, is available from www.evalu-ate.org/annual_survey/.