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Looking for a webinar? Our featured webinars are sorted into evaluation categories; the full list of webinars can be found below. In addition to our webinar series, some of our partner organizations also feature webinars and videos.

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Getting Started (see more)

ATE Evaluation 101_2013 webinar2image

Proposal Development (see more)

Evaluation: A Key Ingredient For a Successful ATE Proposal webinar10image

Evaluation Design (see more)

Right-sizing Evaluation for ATE Small Grants Questions, Data, Conclusions, and Recommendations: Connecting the Dots for an Effective Evaluation

Data Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation (see more)

Developing Questions for Effective Surveys webinar6image

Reporting and Use (see more)

From Valuing to Visualization: Data Interpretation and Reporting Maximizing Evaluation Impact

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