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Doc: HI-TEC 2015- Handout | Evaluation: Don’t Submit Your ATE Proposal Without It

Posted on November 30, 2015 by , in Conferences

A strong evaluation plan that is well integrated into your grant proposal will strengthen your submission and maybe even give you a competitive edge. In this session we’ll provide insights on ways to enhance your proposal and avoid common pitfalls with regard to evaluation. We’ll walk through EvaluATE’s Evaluation Planning Checklist for ATE Proposals, which provides detailed guidance on how to address evaluation throughout a proposal—from the project summary to the budget justification.

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Author(s): Corey Smith, Emma Perk

Doc: National Science Foundation Annual Report Requirements

Posted on January 10, 2014 by  in Resources ()

This document is a compilation of the annual reports system components. This document was prepared by EvaluATE

(NSF #1204683) to assist Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program grantees in preparing their annual reports. No modifications or additions have been made to the original text from This document identifies each component of the annual report and provides NSF’s descriptions of what should be addressed in each section.

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