American Evaluation Association Conference

Chicago, IL
November 9-14, 2015

DIY Video Production for Evaluators
Emma Perk

Videos are becoming an increasingly popular form of communication. They are a way to present information to an audience that combines spoken word and supportive imagery. As evaluators, we must always continue to consider new media for presenting our work. Videos are useful means for presenting findings and disseminating information about what evaluation is, or aspects of evaluation practice. Are you interested in making a video but do not know where to get started? In this interactive session we will demonstrate how to make a high-quality, low-cost video in less time than you would expect. We will take you step-by-step through a hands-on activity that will go over the key elements of a good video, demonstrate free and low-cost software, have participants create a video storyboard, and produce a short video based on one of the audience member’s storyboard.


Evaluation Questions: The Foundation for Meaningful and Useful Evaluation
Lori Wingate

The term evaluation question appears frequently in the literature on evaluation, but there is little practical guidance on the art of crafting good evaluation questions. Rossi, Lipsey, and Freeman’s (2004) text currently offers the most thorough discussion of evaluation questions, advising evaluators to pose questions that are reasonable, appropriate, and answerable. Embracing the AEA’s (2014) definition of evaluation as a “systematic process to determine merit, worth, value, or significance,” we argue that evaluation questions should also be evaluative. Building on the work of Rossi et al. and other experts, as well as our own practice and experience, we have developed an Evaluation Questions Checklist that presents five basic criteria for good evaluation questions. Adhering to these criteria in developing evaluation questions provides a solid foundation for a meaningful and useful evaluation. In this poster session, we will present and illustrate these criteria and share copies of our checklist with attendees.

Evaluation Questions Checklist for Program Evaluation

How to Build Data Dashboards
Miranda Lee

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