Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Principal Investigators Conference

Funding for Evaluators to Attend the ATE PI Conference

EvaluATE will provide funding to up to 12 ATE evaluators (internal or external) to enable them to attend the 2019 ATE Principal Investigators Conference, including the preconference workshop, “Impact Evaluation Essentials: Why, What, and How.” This funding is intended to enable participation by evaluators who might not otherwise be able to attend the conference.

Funding: Up to $1,500 towards transportation, lodging, and conference/workshop registration fees (paid as reimbursement with appropriate documentation after the conference)

Selection Criteria: If we receive more applications than we are able to fund, we will give priority to evaluators who have never attended the ATE PI conference and are newer to the ATE program.


  • Submit one evaluation instrument, plan, or report that you developed for an ATE project/center. (The document will be requested upon selection and must be submitted to EvaluATE by September 27, These materials will not be shared without permission and are not part of the selection process. We are asking for these in order to learn more about the evaluation work that is being done for ATE projects and centers.)
  • Attend conference sessions and events, in addition to evaluation workshop
  • Write a 300-to-500-word entry for EvaluATE’s blog on an evaluation topic of your choice by July 1, 2020

VERY IMPORTANT! All workshop and conference attendees must register separately for the ATE conference and the preconference workshop and pay any registration fees in advance of the event. Conference attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. Detailed registration and hotel reservation information is on the conference website.

To apply, complete the online application form by September 6, 2019. Notification of awards will be made by September 13, 2019.

EvaluATE Preconference

Impact Evaluation Essentials: Why, What, and How

Impact evaluation can be a powerful way to assess the long-term or broader effect of a project. Attention to causal inference, which requires determining if a change can be attributed to the project and its activities, sets impact evaluation apart from other types of evaluation. This workshop is an introduction to impact evaluation and a forum for discussing how it can be realistically implemented in ATE projects. Two examples from ATE evaluations will be highlighted as case studies. ATE principal investigators, project and center staff, and evaluators who attend this workshop will learn (1) the basic tenets of impact evaluation, (2) how to identify impact measures for ATE projects, (3) strategies for determining causal attribution, and (4) the resources needed to implement impact evaluation for your project.


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