Especially relevant to principal investigators (PIs) who are new to evaluation, this section contains resources related to general evaluation start-up and management issues.
Evaluation is a critical part of your ATE proposal. Check out these resources to learn how to integrate evaluation into your proposal and locate an evaluator.
Evaluation design is about focusing your evaluation, identifying the evidence you will need to determine your projects’ quality and impact, and developing a plan for data collection. A good design will support using evaluation results for ongoing project improvement as well as accountability to funders and other stakeholders. Check out these resources to help you plan your evaluation.
At the heart of the evaluation process are the tasks of collecting information, organizing and describing it systematically, and deriving meaning from it to reach evaluative conclusions. These resources will help you strengthen your data collection and analysis activities.
The ATE program has requirements about where and how to report your evaluation results and other project data. Beyond meeting reporting requirements, an effective evaluation will support continuous project improvement, future project planning, and informing stakeholders about your progress and accomplishments. These resources will help you make the most of your evaluation results.