Checklist: Evaluation Planning for NSF-ATE Proposals

Posted on September 24, 2014 by  in

Updated in August 2015

This checklist is intended to be of assistance to prospective ATE principal investigators in developing evaluation plans for proposals to the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. It is organized around the components of an NSF proposal (see the NSF Grant Proposal Guide) with an emphasis on the evaluation aspects. This document is not intended to serve as a comprehensive checklist for preparing an ATE proposal, but to provide guidelines for those elements that involve evaluation. All proposers should carefully read the ATE Program Solicitation. For additional guidance related to developing ATE proposal evaluation plans, see 10 Helpful Hints and 10 Fatal Flaws: Writing Better Evaluation Sections in Your Proposals.

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Type: Checklist
Category: Proposal Development
Author(s): Lori Wingate