One Pagers: Simple and Engaging Reporting

Emma Perk & Lyssa Wilson Becho

“We want a one-pager!” These words seem to be more common these days when working with clients. The new trend is to have reports full of visual charts and quick take-away pieces like one-pagers. Although traditional, long-form evaluation reports are an excellent way to distribute evaluation results to your stakeholders, not all stakeholders want to read a lengthy report. With attention to learning as a goal for evaluation, one-pagers allow more audiences to learn from the evaluation in a format that is easily and quickly digestible. Evaluation one-pagers are a great way to provide a snapshot of your evaluation results that your client can take and share with other stakeholders, participants, and the community. In this demonstration, we will provide you with the tools and resources you need to create effective one-pagers and share some examples that have worked well in our practice.

Below we have an array of materials from our presentation: handout, slides, GIF that shows design process, a video that illustrates how to set up a document in PowerPoint and additional resources.




Document Design Process (click on image below to start GIF):

Grid Templates:
Save grid templates by right-clicking and saving as image. Then insert into PowerPoint or desired software for use. Remember to delete or hide grid before printing or creating a PDF. A video below walks through the steps of creating a letter size page in PowerPoint and how to insert the grids.


Additional Resources: (Color Schemes Generator)

Tableau: Eye-Tracking Study (Study on how viewers read dashboards)

Canva Design Elements and Principles (20 essential design guidelines)

Noun Project (Icon repository, free and paid options)

Pixabay (Beautiful free images)