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What is EvaluATE?

EvaluATE is the evaluation learning and resource hub for the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. We educate the ATE community―evaluators, project leaders and staff, grant specialists, and college administrators― about all things evaluation. All of our resources, webinars, newsletters, blogs, and information about the ATE annual survey can be accessed on our website, evalu-ate.org, and all resources are open-access.


Who is behind EvaluATE?

The EvaluATE team is made up of evaluators from The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University located in Kalamazoo, MI, and partners around the country.


What can EvaluATE help you with?

For starters, we cannot serve as the external evaluator for ATE projects. But, we do offer trainings for project staff and evaluators on how to conduct, manage, and use evaluation.


We offer four webinars per year. Topics include proposal evaluation plan development, getting started with evaluation, data collection/analysis, and evaluation reporting and use.


Looking for tools or guides on how to conduct an evaluation? Or are you hoping to learn more about evaluation? Check out our 200+ resources.


Learn from your peers. EvaluATE publishes a bi-monthly blog by authors from the ATE community. We are always looking for more authors, so check out our submission page.

ATE Annual Survey 

The annual survey of ATE grantees has generated almost 20 years’ worth of data about the activities and achievements of ATE projects and centers and the students and faculty served through ATE programming. You can use the results to learn about the program and for your own research, proposal development, and evaluation purposes.

Top Resources by Evaluation Topic

Integrating Evaluation in Proposals

Getting Started with Evaluation

Evaluation Design

Data Collection and Analysis

Reporting and Use

Finding and Selecting an Evaluator

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