EvaluATE 4.0

EvaluATE 4.0: Evaluation Learning and Research Hub for Advanced Technological Education

EvaluATE received a five-year grant in 2018 to substantially expand our work to advance evaluation within the ATE program and beyond. This grant will support activities in the areas of research, training and technical assistance, and ATE evaluation network facilitation.


EvaluATE will conduct studies on four topics related to evaluation within the ATE program:

  • Study 1: Evaluation Task Framework Validation
  • Study 2: Evaluator Procurement Policies and Practices
  • Study 3: Measuring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the ATE Program
  • Study 4: Evaluation Use in ATE: Learning from Exemplars of Evaluation Use

Training and Technical Assistance

EvaluATE is expanding its training and technical assistance activities. In addition to producing webinars and job aids and providing a small number of ATE evaluation fellowships, we will be developing videos and providing one-on-one technical assistance.

ATE Evaluation Network Facilitation

To facilitate the growth and productive functioning of an ATE evaluation network, EvaluATE will provide new opportunities for members of the ATE evaluation community to engage with and learn from one another, both face-to-face and online. Activities include funding ATE evaluators to attend the ATE Principal Investigators Conference, hosting an annual evaluation networking reception at the conference, hosting monthly web chats, and organizing a biannual ATE Evaluation Summit.

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