Annual Survey

The ATE Survey has been conducted annually by the WMU Evaluation Center since 2000. The survey collects information about ATE projects’ and centers’ activities and achievements. The findings may be used by ATE grantees, grantseekers, and program officers to inform program and project planning and evaluation and by STEM education researchers to investigate issues related to technician education.

We are currently working on reports based on the 2020 survey and will post them here as soon as they are completed. In the mean time, check out the 2019 ATE Survey Report or review questions on the 2020 ATE Survey.


ATE Survey 2021

Current Report & Data Snapshots

ATE Survey Report 2020

2020 ATE Survey 2020 Highlights

2020 ATE Survey 2020 Graphics


ATE Survey Prior Reports

2019 Survey Revision Process

In 2018-19, EvaluATE received funding to support a major revision and update of the ATE Survey. The purpose of this revision was to increase the accuracy and utility of data collected so that it better represents the activities and achievements of the ATE program.

Our team gathered input from 70 ATE PIs, evaluators, and NSF program officers through interviews, focus groups, reviews, pilot testing, and think-alouds.

Thank You

Thank you to the ATE community for your input in revising the ATE Survey. In particular, we would like to thank Elaine Craft, Gerhard Salinger, and Louise Yarnall for serving on our survey revision advisory committee.

We are also grateful to the following people for their participation in interviews: Marilyn Barger, Ann Beheler, Deborah Boisvert, Rachael Bower, David Campbell, Celeste Carter, Connie Della-Piana, Dennis Faber, Sharon Gusky, Ellen Hause, Corby Horvis, Michael Lesiecki, Casey O’Brien, Madeline Patton, Robert Rak, Mike Rudibaugh, John Sener, Tara Sheffer, Elizabeth Teles, Will Tyson, and Eric Wooldridge.

Thank you to the following people for their participation in focus groups: Allan Anderson, Brian Bell, Phillip Davis, Vincent DiNoto, Linnea Fletcher, Elaine Johnson, Ruben Johnson, Nancy Louwagie, Ken Mays, and Allen Teel.

Finally, we appreciate the input from all of the ATE PIs who pilot-tested draft versions of survey questions: Allan Anderson, Taylor Allen, Zachery Blackburn, Christopher Carter, Phillip Davis, Roger Ebbage, Mehrdad Faezi, Linea Fletcher, John Floyd, Clinton Gilbertson, Carlos Goller, Anand Gramopadhye, Ellen Hause, Michael Johnson, Steven Kane, Brandon Keller, Greg Kepner, Dina Kovarik, Nancy Lauts, Steve Levin, Nancy Louwagie, Marcia Mardis, Peter Maritato, Ken Mays, John McDowell, Becky Mercer, Casey O’Brien, Jay Olsen, Thomas Pensabene, Louise Petruzzella,  Matthias Pleil, James Pytel, Robert Rak, Mary Rasley, Patrick Rice, Anca Sala, Charlie Setterfield, Pamela Silvers, Allen Teel, Caroline VanIngen-Dunn, Ruth Wrightsman, and Kenneth Walz. Your input has been invaluable.