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Do you have a question about your evaluation plan? Want someone to review your logic model? Unsure how to analyze your data?

Keep reading to find out how we can help!

What is ATE evaluation coaching?

ATE Evaluation Coaching is a new service from EvaluATE for current and prospective members of the ATE community. An EvaluATE staff member or one of our affiliated evaluation coaches will provide one-on-one advice and feedback to strengthen ATE evaluation work. Through this process, we will help you apply proven evaluation practices and principles to your specific situation.

Who is eligible for ATE evaluation coaching?

Our coaching program is only available to those who currently work on an NSF ATE project or are planning on submitting a proposal to the NSF ATE program.

What kinds of things will ATE evaluation coaching help with?

Our coaching program is intended to help with specific tasks and targeted questions. Coaches will not perform evaluation tasks for you, like a consultant. They will provide advice and feedback specific to your evaluation context. The best way to explain what our coaching can help with is to provide examples of the types of situations in which ATE evaluation coaching would and would not be a good way to get help:

ATE evaluation coaching can help with these kinds of things:

      • Feedback to strengthen evaluation plans, logic models, survey instruments, data visualizations, presentations, and reports
      • Advice on evaluation approaches, strategies for data analysis and interpretation, and how to communicate with evaluation stakeholders

ATE evaluation coaching is not the best way to get help for these kinds of things:

      • Learning the basics of evaluation or data collection
      • Resolving conflicts among different evaluation stakeholders
      • Editing evaluation reports

How do coaches provide assistance?

Once a request for coaching is submitted:

      • You will be paired with a coach with expertise in the area of your request.
      • The coach will reach out via email to introduce themselves and ask any follow up questions.
      • They will either set up a time to discuss the issue at hand or begin to review any documentation included in the request. Coaching feedback will be shared within 2 weeks of the original request.
      • Your coach will return feedback directly and set up a call to discuss any remaining questions.
      • Everyone receiving evaluation coaching will receive a follow-up survey for evaluation purposes.

Who are the coaches?

Lori Wingate

Lyssa Wilson Becho

EvaluATE will be adding to our panel of experienced coaches in the Fall of 2019. If you are interested in becoming a coach, complete an application here.

How do I submit a request of coaching?

Formal coaching will begin in 2020. Check back for more information!