Elizabeth Bachrach

Sr. Research Associate, Goodman Research Group

Elizabeth Bachrach is a senior research associate with Goodman Research Group in Los Angeles, CA. She has a Ph.D. in Social/Developmental Psychology.

Report: Science Festival Alliance Infographic

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This report is the culmination of a three-year National Science Foundation project. The Goodman Research Group was asked by their client to create a public-facing report, in contrast to a report for more internal use.

The authors shared this document with EvaluATE as an example of a user-friendly evaluation report. They made a concerted effort to remove charts and graphics from the report while also effectively summarizing a large mass of qualitative interview data in the form of a visual narrative. The information is organized into three sections according to the evaluation goals/questions to help frame the report for the reader. The report uses the client’s colors so it could be easily incorporated and viewed on their website, sciencefestivals.org.


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Type: Report
Category: Reporting & Use
Author(s): Elizabeth Bachrach, Grace Bachman