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Thank you for helping EvaluATE bring timely evaluation tips, tools, and lessons learned to the ATE community. Before you submit your blog, please review our checklist. Use the submission form, which appears after the checklist, to submit your blog.

EvaluATE’s blog editor will work with you as needed to ensure the blog’s clarity and relevance. All EvaluATE blogs are professionally edited prior to posting. You will have the opportunity to review any editing prior to publication. If you have questions about blog submissions please contact Kelly Robertson (

Blog Checklist


  • My blog’s topic is pertinent to evaluation in the ATE context – it’s about evaluation in the STEM education context or about topics that are fundamental to the practice of evaluation.
  • I included a clear purpose statement to tell readers what they will learn.
  • I used specific examples to explain and illustrate my main points.
  • I included specific suggestions of actions to take if readers wish to implement the ideas, strategies, or tools I described in my blog.
  • I included links to sources for readers to learn more about my topic.


  • I wrote in the first person.
  • I used plain language, with minimal or no jargon.
  • I defined terms that may not be familiar to a mixed audience of project leaders and evaluators.
  • I embedded website addresses in the text, rather than writing them out.


  • My blog has no more than 550 words.
  • My blog’s title is 3-7 words.