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Blog: Welcome to the EvaluATE Blog!

Posted on September 26, 2014 by  in Blog

EvaluATE Blog Editor

The EvaluATE blog is a way for you, the ATE community members, to share your knowledge and experience, particularly as it relates to evaluation. The blog’s content is entirely community-driven, and features eight major topics, including:

• Evaluation Management
• Proposals
• Evaluation Design
• Data Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation
• Reporting
• Evaluation Use
• General Issues
• Discipline-Specific Issues

The ATE program has a reputation for having a strong community whose members collaborate and support each other for the greater good of improving advanced technological education. What are your ATE evaluation lessons learned? Can you help a new ATE PI or evaluator avoid common pitfalls? Do you know of a great evaluation instrument or strategy? Share your knowledge and help continue to build the ATE community by contributing to the EvaluATE blog. Submission guidelines may be found at , and we look forward to your submissions!

In the meantime, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to engage with other social media outlets.

LinkedIn – We are replacing the ATE evaluator directory with our LinkedIn page. If you are not a member already, make sure to sign up soon! This is a great way for evaluators and PIs to connect.

Twitter – Don’t miss out on being the first to hear about new developments in ATE and STEM education evaluation! We use Twitter to share notifications about our events and other great opportunities, updates from NSF, and interesting information about STEM evaluation in general. .

Facebook – Did you know that over 70 ATE projects and centers have Facebook pages? We have a lot of connections with the ATE and evaluation communities, so our page is a good place to check in on what’s going on with in the ATE community.

Pinterest – Are you overwhelmed by the amount of evaluation websites out there? Our Pinterest boards give you a shortcut to the best evaluation websites with ATE-relevant content. Check out our boards on Evaluation Organizations, Evaluation Journals, NSF-ATE evaluation, EvaluATE staff picks, and more.

Website – Of course, you are already here, but our all-new website features a streamlined interface, easier navigation to important content, enhanced search functionality, and a renovated resource library. Let us know what you think!

So come join us on all of our social media and content channels! We hope to see you soon!

The EvaluATE Team

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