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Checklist: Evaluation 101: PI “To-Do” Checklist: Before Launching your Project Evaluation

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Evaluation 101

PI “To-Do” Checklist: Before Launching your Project Evaluation

What to Do

To / With Whom

Announce or discuss NSF grant Evaluator, partner, and advisor/advisory groups colleagues at your institution

  • SRE/ grand writer and Data person
  • Fellow Faculty
  • PR/ Marketing Dept.
  • Business and Purchasing Offices

The public- with attribution to NSF!

Process Contracts Evaluator

Partners (include providing data as contract obligation)

Discuss evaluation expectations, processes, activities, and timeline (note IRB considerations). Evaluator
Review goals/objectives and identify data capture
needed (and by whom) for the evaluation.
Determine data definitions, time frames for data capture
(e.g., by semester), reporting frequency/dates for project.
Don’t forget to include current status or recent history for
baseline data. Review data management plan
Data Person
Communicate data needs/timelines/reporting dates to partners
from whom you will need data.
Co-PI’s, partner institutions, organizations
Review/set goals for success if not specific in proposal
(actual numbers, not just %) with interim benchmarks for
gauging  progress.
Evaluator, Co-PI’s, partners
Plan evaluation activities and discuss evaluation tools to
be used. Use uniform tools (e.g., surveys) across partnership
and include the capture of demographic data and other
information that will be needed for the ATE Annual Survey
(if not specifically for your project).
Evaluator, Co-PI’s
Discuss evaluation reports to be provided and reporting
dates (align deadlines to your reporting needs: NSF annual report, advisory meeting, etc.).

Checklist provided by Mentor-Connect: Leadership Development and Outreach Initiative for ATE

Copyright 2012: SC ATE Center of Excellence, Florence-Darlington Technical College, Florence, SC 29502-0548. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation Grant No. 1204463. Any opinions findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


Checklist: Principal Investigator “To-Do” Checklist: Before Launching Your Project Evaluation

Checklist: Getting Started with your Evaluation

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Updated March 31, 2020

Getting started with your ATE evaluation, a checklist on the basics of starting your evaluation.

Evaluation Basics

    • Ask important questions about the project’s processess and outcomes
    • Gather evidence that will help answer those questions
    • Interpret findings and answer the evaluation questions
    • Use the information for accountability, improvement, and planning
    • Continue this process throughout the life of your project

Evaluation Primer
Evaluation Basics Video Series
Evaluation: The Secret Sauce To Your ATE Proposal (Video 1- Why Evaluation?Video 3- Evaluation Questions, Video 4- Data)
Data Collection Planning Matrix
Evaluation Process

Using Evaluation

    • Improve your project
    • Inform stakeholders
    • Fulfill grant requirements (annual report)

Evaluation: The Secret Sauce To Your ATE Proposal (Video 5- Communication, Use, and Timeline)
Expectations to Change (E2C)
Stakeholder Engagement
Overcoming Writer’s Block- Strategies for Writing Your NSF Annual Report

Working with Your Evaluator

    • Make sure your evaluator’s contract is in place
    • Assign a point-person on your project team for evaluation matters
    • Schedule a recurring meeting with your evaluator
    • Make an appointment with your college’s data person
    • Set up a timeline for your evaluation
    • Commit to using your evaluation results

Principal Investigator “To Do” Checklist: Before Launching Your Project Evaluation
Communication Plan Checklist for ATE Principal Investigators and Evaluators
Evaluation: The Secret Sauce To Your ATE Proposal (Video 5- Communication, Use, and Timeline)

Checklist: Evaluation Plan for ATE Proposals

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Updated July 2019!

This checklist provides information on what should be included in evaluation plans for proposals to the
National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. Grant seekers should carefully read the most recent ATE program solicitation (ATE Program Solicitation) for details about the program and proposal submission requirements.

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Type: Checklist
Category: Proposal Development
Author(s): Lori Wingate

Checklist: Communication Plan for ATE Principal Investigators and Evaluators

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Creating a clear communication plan at the beginning of an evaluation can help project personnel and evaluators avoid confusion, misunderstandings, or uncertainty. The communication plan should be an agreement between the project’s principal investigator and the evaluator, and followed by members of their respective teams. This checklist highlights the decisions that need to made when developing a clear communication plan.

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Type: Checklist
Category: Checklist, Evaluation Design
Author(s): Lori Wingate, Lyssa Becho

Checklist: Project Vita

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This checklist is designed to help with the creation of a project vita. Similar to an individual’s professional vita or resume, a project vita is a comprehensive index of factual information about a project’s activities and achievements. It documents past performance and demonstrates capacity for future endeavors. Tracking this information over the life of a project will make it easier to complete annual reports to sponsors, respond to information requests, and document achievements in funding applications. If the document is easy to find on the project’s website, stakeholders and other interest parties can easily see how productive (or not) the project has been. For a more dynamic vita, include links to supporting documents, staff biographies, or related web pages; this will allow users to quickly locate items referenced in the vita. For an example of a project vita, see This checklist suggests what to include in a vita and how to organize the information. Projects should tailor their vitae to their specific needs.

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Type: Checklist
Category: General
Author(s): Emma Perk

Checklist: Program Evaluation Report Content

Posted on December 13, 2016 by , in Checklist, Resources ()

This checklist identifies and describes the elements of an evaluation report. It is intended to serve as a flexible guide for determining an evaluation report’s content. It should not be treated as a rigid set of requirements. An evaluation client’s or sponsor’s reporting requirements should take precedence over the checklist’s recommendations. This checklist is strictly focused on the content of long-form technical evaluation reports.

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Type: Checklist
Category: Resources
Author(s): Kelly Robertson, Lori Wingate