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Checklist: Project Vita

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This checklist is designed to help with the creation of a project vita. Similar to an individual’s professional vita or resume, a project vita is a comprehensive index of factual information about a project’s activities and achievements. It documents past performance and demonstrates capacity for future endeavors. Tracking this information over the life of a project will make it easier to complete annual reports to sponsors, respond to information requests, and document achievements in funding applications. If the document is easy to find on the project’s website, stakeholders and other interest parties can easily see how productive (or not) the project has been. For a more dynamic vita, include links to supporting documents, staff biographies, or related web pages; this will allow users to quickly locate items referenced in the vita. As an example, here is our project vita. This checklist suggests what to include in a vita and how to organize the information. Projects should tailor their vitae to their specific needs.

This section should provide the basic details of the project at a glance.

  • Project name
  • Project logo
  • Website address
  • Phone number
  • Institutional name
  • Institutional logo(s)
  • Grant number(s)
  • Funder’s logo(s)


Use this section to convey the project’s overall purpose.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goals


Identify each grant, contract, or donation.

  • Total amount project received
  • Years funded
  • Value per award
  • Sponsor/funder for each award


List any specialized facilities and equipment that were purchased/upgraded with project funds.

  • Technical Instruments
  • Lab Facilities


List all key project activities and products, such as publications, events, courses, and presentations. Use a consistent reference style. Use subheadings to group similar items.

  • Presenter(s)/author(s)
  • Date
  • Title
  • Publisher information
  • Event venue and location


List all individuals who have served as project staff, as well as advisors, consultants, and contributors.


    • Name
    • Position (e.g., principal investigator, data analyst, doctoral associate)
    • Dates on project

Advisory Committee Members

    • Name
    • Institution
    • Dates on project

Contributors and Consultants

    • Name
    • Institution
    • Date(s) of contributions
    • Type of contribution (blog author, external evaluator, industry partner

To learn more about project vitae and their uses, see:

Smith, N. L., & Florini, B. M. (1993). The project vita as a documentation and evaluation tool for large-scale research and development projects. Evaluation and Program Planning16(1), 49-53.


Checklist: Project Vita