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Checklist: Results from Prior NSF support Checklist

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If a PI or co-PI for an NSF proposal has received NSF funding in the past five years, information on the results of that funding must be included in the proposal, whether it relates to the current proposal or not. This section of the proposal is called Results from Prior NSF Support; details about what should be included are provided in the NSF Grant Proposal Guide. The following is a synopsis of NSF’s requirements and EvaluATE’s suggestions for this section of an ATE proposal.


  • Limit to 5 pages or less
  • Make it the first section of your proposal. If the proposal is for the renewal of an ATE center, it may be uploaded as a supplementary document rather than presented in the 15-page project description.
  • Describe research and development products and how they have been made available to
  • Clearly indicate the prior project’s
    •  Title
    • NSF award number
    • Period of support
  • Present results using these exact, distinct headings:
    • Intellectual Merit
    • Broader Impact
  • Provide complete bibliographic citations for all publications developed with NSF support,
    either in the narrative or in the separate references document. If there were no publications, state “No publications were produced under this award.”


  • Provide a brief factual account of what the project did, created, and who was engaged. A list of activities or deliverables is not sufficient evidence of intellectual merit or broader impacts, but it is important for reviewers to understand the nature and scope of your prior work.
  • Present as much hard evidence as possible in describe the project’s intellectual merit and
    broader impacts.
  • Be forthright about what didn’t work and lessons learned.
  • Describe how the current proposal is building on the prior project’s results.
  • Describe what aspects of previously funded work are being sustained without NSF support.


NSF Prior Support Checklist (Fillable PDF)