High Impact Technology Exchance Conference (HI-TEC)

Portland, Oregon
July 27-30, 2020

Join EvaluATE in Portland for the HI-TEC 2020 conference. New this year, EvaluATE is hosting a preconference workshop! Main conference sessions have not been released yet, so stay tuned. We also have a funding opportunity this year for HI-TEC, we will be posted details soon.

Preconference Workshop

ATE Evaluators Workshop: Connect, Share, and Learn (Tuesday, July 28 | 1:00-4:30 p.m.)

ATE evaluators, come share your evaluation experiences, learn from each other, and connect with fellow ATE evaluators! Twelve evaluators will present their ATE evaluation experiences to help participants discuss challenges and gain insights into others’ evaluation techniques. The workshop will also involve networking activities designed to help ATE evaluators get to know each other and identify common points of interest and collaboration opportunities. Attending evaluators will grow their networks of peer ATE evaluators, gain insight into new practices, and group problem solve difficult situations.

Pre-registration required: https://www.highimpact-tec.org/.

Main Conference Sessions

Coming soon.


Find out more about the conference at https://www.highimpact-tec.org/.