Getting Started with Your Evaluation


Getting Started with Evaluation resources are especially relevant to principal investigators (PIs) and evaluators who are new to evaluation, this section contains resources related to general evaluation start-up and management issues.


EvaluATE’s checklists, templates, and worksheets are designed to help you apply recommended evaluation practices to your project.​

ToDo Checklist


These are recordings of our live 60-to 90-minute webinars.


Authors from the ATE and evaluation communities to share their insights, lessons learned, and ideas about evaluation.

Evaluation 101: Blog: Changing Focus Mid-Project Evaluation 101: Blog: Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Articles from our quarterly newsletter offer concise guidance of specific topics, often with links to additional helpful resources.

Additional articles can be found in our Fall 2015 newsletter.


Evaluation Basics for Non-Evaluators (6 Part Video Series)

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