Logic Models for ATE Projects & Centers

Updated March 2016

A logic model is a visual depiction of what a project does and what changes it is expected to bring about. Developing a logic model is an important first step for project design and evaluation planning. This document is intended to provide general guidance to ATE program proposers and grantees for developing their own project logic models.  All parts of this document are editable. Populate the boxes in each column (adding and deleting boxes as necessary) with succinct statements that relate to the question prompts. To add text to a box, select the box and begin typing. Either delete the extra content (title, instructions, examples, etc.) from this document or copy-and-paste the logic model elements into a new document for your use. To learn more about logic models, see the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Logic Model resources at www.uwex.edu/ces/pdande/evaluation/evallogicmodel.html.



Logic Model Template (Fillable PowerPoint)

Example Logic Model