ATE Proposal Evaluation Plan Template

Updated July 2017

This template is for use in preparing the evaluation plan sections for proposals to the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. It is based on the ATE Evaluation Planning Checklist, also developed by EvaluATE. It is aligned with the evaluation guidance included in the ATE Program Solicitation. All proposers should read the solicitation in full.

How to use this template

Replace the descriptions of what should go in each section below with relevant details about your proposed project’s evaluation. Copy the text into your Project Description. The evaluation plan should comprise one to two pages of your proposal’s 15-page Project Description.

Evaluation Plan

Identify by name the person(s) who will lead the external evaluation of the project. Briefly describe their academic training and professional experience that qualifies them to serve as an external evaluator. Refer to the evaluator’s biosketch and commitment letter and include those documents with the proposal’s Supplementary Documents.

Evaluation Questions. Identify the focus of the evaluation by listing the evaluation questions. The questions should align with the project’s purpose and address both implementation and outcomes. Examples of outcomes of interest to the ATE program include, but are not limited to, changes related to student learning, persistence, retention, graduation, and employment; faculty knowledge and pedagogical skills; broadening participation in STEM; meeting workforce needs; enhancing institutional capacity; and advancing knowledge about technician education. If the project has a logic model, refer to it and make sure the evaluation questions align with the logic model components.

Data Collection and Analysis. For each evaluation question, identify what will be measured, how the data will be collected and from what sources, and when. If specific published instruments will be used for data collection, describe and cite them (and include in References Cited section of proposal). Describe how data will be analyzed so that the evaluation questions can be answered. Placing this information in a table helps show linkages between the evaluation questions and the data, such as shown below, see the Data Collection Planning Matrix for additional details.


Reporting and Use. Identify the deliverables that will be produced by the evaluation after the project is funded, such as a detailed evaluation plan, data collection instruments, and reports. Identify when reports will be provided to the project and how the results will be used to inform project improvement.

[ALSO: Include evaluation activities in the project’s timeline (see example) elsewhere in the Project Description. Include pertinent details about staff responsibilities related to evaluation in the Management Plan section.]

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