Newsletter: Secondary Data Resources

Posted on January 1, 2015 by  in Newsletter - () ()

Doctoral Associate, EvaluATE, Western Michigan University

It’s easier than ever to access national-level data that may be useful to ATE projects and centers for planning, benchmarking, or evaluation. A few of these resources are listed below:

The National Center for Education Statistics ( Digest of Education Statistics provides information about U.S. students and education institutions. The IPEDS system is a tool that focuses on postsecondary students and . The NCES website also contains a variety of data related to education from K-12 schools and 2- and 4-year colleges.

American FactFinder ( provides access to all variables collected by the U.S. Census and, on a more regular basis, the American Community Survey.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( provides access to data on employment, earnings, and industry activity.

The National Student Clearinghouse ( offers a subscription-based service for tracking students and their history. Your institution may already be a subscriber to this service.

College institutional research offices often collect information about students, including demographics, enrollment, course completions, and grades. Building a relationship with this office at your institution could help you access a range of individual student data.

Shameless self-promotion aside, EvaluATE ( administers an annual survey to all ATE grants, collecting data that could be used for benchmarking against the ATE community or just within your discipline.