National Visiting Committee (NVC)

Posted on August 1, 1999 by  in NVC

{This text was copied, with slight modification from the National Visiting Committee (NVC) Handbook}

ATE grants that are funded at $750,000 or more are required to appoint a National Visiting Committee (NVC). These committees are groups of advisors that work with grantees and NSF to help them achieve their goals and objectives. They assess the plans and progress of the project and report to NSF and the project leadership. Committee members also provide advice to the project staff and may serve as advocates for effective projects. In general, National Visiting Committees are similar to the advisory committees that are already an integral part of community colleges. In fact, most state and federally funded programs for these colleges require a local or regional advisory committee. However, there are differences between these committees and the NVCs. For example, local advisory committees report only to the project leadership who, in turn, set the meeting agendas. The NVCs not only report to the project, but also to the National Science Foundation. NSF appoints the committee members, and the NVC chairperson plays a major role in setting the agenda.

For more information, see the National Visiting Committee (NVC) Handbook by Wayne W. Welch, University of Minnesota and Robert A. Reineke, Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, Nebraska.