Evaluator Biographical Sketch Template for National Science Foundation (NSF) Proposals

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This template was created by EvaluATE (evalu-ate.org). It is based on the National Science Foundation’s guidelines for preparing biographical sketches for senior project personnel. The information about what evaluators should include in Products and Synergistic Activities sections are EvaluATE’s suggestions, not NSF requirements. The biographical sketch must not exceed two pages.

Evaluator’s Name


(List academic degrees and any pertinent certificates.)

Undergraduate Institution Location Major Degree Year
Graduate Institution Location Major Degree Year
Postdoctoral Institution Location Area Years
Certificate-Granting Institution Location Area Certificate Year


(List employment history in reverse chronological order.)

Dates Job Title Employer


(List up to ten products that demonstrate your experience and competence in evaluation and knowledge of the proposed project’s discipline. Examples may include publications, reports, and evaluation tools. All products must be citable and accessible. Include full reference information, including URL, if available).


(In paragraph form, list up to five examples that demonstrate your expertise in evaluation, especially as it pertains to the proposal. Examples may include ongoing or completed evaluations; development or adaptation of evaluation tools; leadership roles in the evaluation field; and invited lectures, presentations, or workshops on evaluation. If you have prior experience working in the proposal’s discipline, describe that as well.)


Template: Evaluator Biographical Sketch