Checklist: Common Guidelines: Type 3 – Design and Development Research

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This checklist is a distillation of key points from the Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development regarding Design and Development Research. The Guidelines, developed by the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, explains those agencies’ shared expectations for education research and development. This checklist, created by EvaluATE, is intended to support use of the Guidelines, enabling users to quickly reference those that specifically relate to Foundational Research. As such, it provides an overview and orientation to the Guidelines. It does not replace the Guidelines nor does it expand or elaborate on that report’s content. The checklist’s content has been extracted (usually verbatim) from the full report. All checklist users are strongly encouraged to read the complete Guidelines.

The complete guide and checklists for the other five types of research outlined in the Guidelines are available here.

A graphic overview of the Common Guidelines is available here.

TYPE 3: DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH to develop new or improved interventions or strategies to achieve well-specified learning goals or objectives, including making refinements on the basis of small-scale testing

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