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RSS feeds (alternately known as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) provide updates to our users about newly published content in convenient formats. There are several options for how you get updates, which you may select in the subscription page drop-down menu.

Subscribe dropdown

1. Live Bookmarks

Selecting this option will add a drop-down style bookmark to your browser.


Clicking on the drop-down will show updated bookmarks for our latest blog publications, so you get right to the information that you want!


2. Get them in Outlook

Selecting this option takes you through a wizard that will help you set up the RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook. Selecting advanced options will allow you to specify where the feed appears in your Outlook email client.

outlook setup dialog

 Updates appear as email messages in a special inbox – RSS Feeds–>EvaluATE>>Blog in this case


3. Choose a program – You will be allowed to select an RSS reader (advanced option)

4. Get them on your My Yahoo! homepage (instructions)

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