Webinar: Orientation to ATE Survey 2012: What you Need to Know to Get Good Information Into and Out of the Survey

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Presenter(s): Dan Hull, David Campbell, Jason Burkhardt, Lori Wingate, Stephanie Evergreen
Date(s): January 18, 2012
Recording: http://youtu.be/rYU0Aiss9PE

In this webinar, EvaluATE staff will help ATE grantees prepare for the upcoming annual ATE survey (which takes place February 15 – March 15). We will review changes for 2012 (the 2012 questionnaire is one-third shorter than the 2011 version!), address frequently asked questions (both substantive and technical), and clarify definitions. We’ll also discuss how to use the information grantees report on the survey for other purposes (e.g., internal, formative evaluation and annual reporting to NSF) and use aggregate results for benchmarking grant progress against other ATE projects and centers.

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