Webinar: How Well are We Serving our Female Students in STEM?

Posted on May 16, 2012 by , , in Webinars ()

Presenter(s): Donna Milgram, Jason Burkhardt, Lori Wingate
Date(s): May 16, 2012
Recording: http://youtu.be/2661MxD_VgA

You’d like to have more women enrolled in your technology programs such as nanotechnology and computer networking, but you aren’t sure how many you have now and what you should measure. This webinar will provide you with the evaluation tools you will need to measure enrollment and retention of women in your programs. You’ll get the answers to sticky questions such as, “Do I measure retention of women only or do I compare it to male retention?” and “Should I distinguish between advanced and introductory courses?” Regardless of whether you are in the planning phase or have already started the implementation of your project, you’ll walk away knowing how to better measure your program’s progress in recruiting and retaining female students.  As a bonus, when you sign up for the free webinar, you will receive an evaluation template that was actually used in the CalWomenTech Project.

Presenter: Donna Milgram, Principal Investigator for the CalWomenTech Project, highlighted by NSF for demonstrating significant achievement and program effectiveness.

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