Webinar: Orientation to ATE Survey 2014

Posted on January 22, 2014 by , , , in Webinars ()

Presenter(s): Corey Smith, Krystin Martens, Lori Wingate, Michael Lesiecki
Date(s): January 22, 2014
Recording: https://vimeo.com/84959802

In this webinar, EvaluATE staff will help ATE grantees prepare for the upcoming annual ATE survey (which takes place February 18 – March 18). We will provide a brief overview of the survey and administration process, address frequently asked questions (both substantive and technical), and clarify definitions. A crosswalk of ATE data that compares information grantees need to include in the annual survey, their NSF annual reports submitted through research.gov, and  project-level evaluations will help webinar participants anticipate information needs and streamline data collection and reporting.

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ATE Survey 2014 FAQs
National Science Foundation Annual Report Components
2014 ATE Annual Survey