EvaluATE uses a combination of internal and external evaluation, along with feedback from our National Visiting Committee to monitor our progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and assess our impact.

External Evaluation

Dr. Lana Rucks, of The Rucks Group, is leading the external evaluation of EvaluATE.

        NEW! 2012-17 Evaluation Report

2016 External Evaluation Snapshots

Frequency of use of EvaluATE resources

Self-reported learning and behavior changes attributed to EvaluATE

What is EvaluATE doing especially well?

What does EvaluATE need to improve?

2015 External Evaluation Report

Past external evaluation reports:

2013 EvaluATE External Evaluation Report

2012 EvaluATE stakeholder survey and focus group results

2011 EvaluATE stakeholder survey results

Internal Evaluation

EvaluATE’s external evaluation is supplemented by internally collected data on our activities and outcomes.