EvaluATE Slack Community

Do you have a question about evaluation or you just need a sounding board of like-minded professionals? Are you preparing an evaluation plan for your next proposal? Need to ask a question about your logic model? Unsure about the best data analysis tool to use? Are you new to the ATE community? There is a great chance someone else in the community may be able to answer your question, help you work through an issue, or have a similar question.

Join the EvaluATE Network: You can make new connections with like-minded individuals, chat about evaluation, and become part of the ATE evaluation community.

Who is eligible to join?

Are you a part of the ATE Evaluation community, preparing an ATE proposal, or just interested in learning more about general evaluation? Then you are welcome!

This community is open to anyone interested in ATE evaluation. We encourage all members of the ATE evaluation community to join including ATE evaluators, principal investigators, project staff, grant specialists, and those who are interested in learning more or submitting an ATE proposal in the future. There will be designated channels for ATE evaluators, ATE principal investigators, those submitting ATE proposals, and general channels for everyone to engage.

 What is Slack?

Slack is a free, online community workspace, that allows organizations to communicate through channels around specific topics. Slack is accessible through a web browser, desktop, or mobile applications. Check out the introduction video below, or our Tips on Using Slack handout if you want to learn more about Slack.

What if we want to dive deeper into a topic?

Evaluate will also be hosting quarterly web chats. Our webchats will be small group discussions about ATE evaluation topics. Webchats will be announced through our Slack community, website, and social media accounts. Anyone is welcome to join, but space will be limited, and contribution to the discussion will be highly encouraged.

Want to join our Slack community?

Complete the request form below. This will give EvaluATE more information about who is in the network and allow us to place you into the correct channels.

If you are interested in learning more about specific topics, we encourage you to check out EvaluATE’s other resources including webinars, blogs, resources, newsletters, videos, checklists, and more.