Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Principal Investigators Conference

ATE Evaluation Virtual Networking

Thursday | 4:30-5:30 p.m. | Virtual

EvaluATE invites you to our annual ATE Evaluation Networking Reception. Connect with ATE evaluators and others committed to advancing evaluation within the ATE program. Discover ways to collaborate. Exchange ideas about how to promote rigorous evaluation and evaluative thinking in the program.

EvaluATE Preconference Workshops

Use it or Lose it- How to Get the Most out of your Project Evaluation

Wednesday | 1-4:00 p.m. | Virtual

Join this workshop to learn how evaluation can be put to use for the benefit of ATE projects. We will address how evaluations can help projects adjust in uncertain times, how to integrate evaluation findings into your annual report to NSF, and how evaluation can help you think more intentionally about your long-term goals. Additionally, we will share real-world examples of the use and utility of evaluation. This interactive, virtual workshop will include group discussions, question and answer sessions, as well as small group activities. Whether you’re an evaluator, PI, project staff, or grants professional, you’ll leave this workshop with new ideas for how to translate evaluation results into tangible benefits for ATE projects.

Getting Started for New Grantees
Wednesday | 1-5:00 p.m. | Virtual

This workshop is recommended for all principal investigators, co-principal investigators, and other team members involved in newly awarded projects and centers in FY20. Others who may find the workshop useful include new awardees in FY19 and other project personnel from prior years who have recently become involved in ATE projects and centers. The goal of this workshop is to make new grantees aware of the reporting and financial requirements of their ATE grant and to connect them with other ATE projects and centers that can help them successfully manage, evaluate, and report on their projects. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from individuals representing Mentor-Connect, ATE Central, EvaluATE, and the National Science Foundation and to learn about the various resources they provide through this workshop, and through two subsequent follow-up interactive Zoom calls to be hosted for new grantees in November and December (dates TBA). Participants will be provided access to a resource packet and are encouraged to bring questions about the management of their projects for discussion.

EvaluATE Main Sessions

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