Quick Reference Guides

quick reference guides
The following is a collection of evaluation quick reference guides EvaluATE collected in collaboration with the evaluation community. Quick reference guides are practical reference or resource materials such as checklists, worksheets, templates, info-graphics, cheat sheets, or even a table or page in a book. Links are provided for all resources that are publicly available. Thank you to everyone who participated in surveys sent out via social media, email invitations, and listservs. Your insight into quick reference guides and their utility was invaluable. If you know of a useful quick reference guide that is not on this list, please reach out to Kelly Robertson at kelly.robertson@wmich.edu.


American Evaluation Association Evaluator Competencies 
American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles for Evaluators
American Evaluation Association Statement on Cultural Competence in Evaluation
Checklist of The Program Evaluation Standards Statements by Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation
Conducting Participatory Evaluation by USAID
Distinguishing Different Evaluation Purposes (Exhibit 2.2, Patton, 2018)
Evaluating Development Co-Operation: Summary of Key Norms and Standards by OECD
Evaluation FlashCards by M. Q. Patton
Evaluation Plan Checklist by EvaluATE
Five Critical Levels of Professional Development Evaluation by T. Guskey
Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management by OECD
Institutionalizing Evaluation by D. Stufflebeam
Logic Model Template for ATE Projects by EvaluATE
Rainbow Framework by BetterEvaluation


Evaluation Design

Catalogue of Evaluation Choices by S. Vaca
CIPP Evaluation Model Checklist by D. Stufflebeam
Criteria for Selection of High-Performing Indicators by G. MacDonald
Evaluation Data Matrix Template by EvaluATE
Evaluation Design Checklist by D. Stufflebeam
Evaluation Theory Tree by M. Alkin & C. Christie
Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health: A Checklist of Steps and Standards by G. MacDonald
Get to Know Your Evaluation Stakeholders by K. Hutchinson
How Traditional Planning & Evaluation Intersect by K. Hutchinson
The Key Evaluation Checklist (Exhibit 1.2 from Davidson, 2005)
The New World Kirkpatrick Model
Utilization-Focused Evaluation Checklist by M. Q. Patton


Bennett’s Hierarchy Logic Model 
Checklist for Determining the Feasibility of a Matched-Comparison Group Design
Checklist of Key Considerations for Development of Program Logic Models by G. MacDonald
Collecting Race and Ethnicity Data from Students and Staff Using the New Categories by IPEDS
Evaluation Questions Checklist for Program Evaluation by L. Wingate & D. Schroeter
Implementation Questions for Different Evaluation Purposes (Menu 9.1 in Patton, 2008)
Key Process Evaluation Components (Table 1.1 in Linnan & Steckler, 2002)
Rubric for Developing Logic Models by K. Hutchinson
SNAP-Ed Toolkit 
The 6 D’s of Needs Assessments
Writing SMART Objectives by CDC
40 Purposeful Sampling Strategies by M. Q. Patton & S. Vaca


Data Analysis

A Streamlined Codes-to-theory Model for Qualitative Inquiry (Figure 1.1 from Saldana, 2016)
Checklist to Evaluate the Quality of Questions by CDC
Choosing the Correct Statistical Test in SAS, STAT, SPSS, and R 
Likert-Type Scale Response Anchors
Sampling Strategies (Exhibit 5.6 in Patton, 2002)


Checklist for Assessing USAID Evaluation Reports
Checklist for Program Evaluation Report Content by K. Robertson & L. Wingate
Clear Writing Checklist by CDC
Creating One-Page Reports Worksheet by E. Leeburg & L. Becho
Data Visualization Checklist by S. Evergreen & A. Emery
How to Make Horizontal Dumbbell dot Plots in Excel by S. Evergreen
How to Transform a Text-Heavy Report into a Visual-Lite Report by A. Emery
Interactive Chart Chooser by A. Emery
Options for Organizing and Reporting Qualitative Data (Exhibit 8.1 from Patton, 2002)
Qualitative Chart Chooser 3.0 by J. Lyons & S. Evergreen
Recommendations That Rock by K. Hutchinson
You Can Be a Better Presenter by K. Hutchinson
You’re Invited to a Data Party by K. Hutchinson


Better Evaluation
Community Tool Box
Evaluation Checklist Project
Racial Equity Tools