Webinar: Ready, Set, Evaluate!

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Presenter(s): Eileen Lewis, Jane Ostrander, Jason Burkhardt, John Kmiec, Lori Wingate, Stephanie Evergreen
Date(s): September 21, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM
Recording: https://vimeo.com/29749424

The focus of this webinar is on helping new ATE grantees and evaluators understand the role of evaluation in ATE grants, particularly on administrative/managerial aspects of evaluation. At the start of a new grant, it’s important for grant staff and evaluators to be clear about their responsibilities, deliverables, timelines, procedures, and information needs with respect to evaluation. This webinar will be a live Q&A session with an panel of experts who have extensive experience with and diverse perspectives on ATE evaluation, including Eileen Lewis (University of California – Berkeley, Cañada College, and former co-Lead of the ATE program), Jane Ostrander (PI, Problem-Based Learning), John Kmiec (Evaluator, Pearl River Community College ATE grant), and EvaluATE staff. These ATE veterans will answer participants’ questions and share tips and tools to facilitate the implementation and management of ATE project and center evaluations.

Further Reading:

Analyzing an Evaluation Plan (Eileen Lewis)
Possible Evaluation Components (Eileen Lewis)
EDTTS (ATE project) Evaluation Report (John Kmiec/Scott Alsobrooks)

Handout PDF
Teacher Professional Development Email Survey (J Ostrander)
Evolution of an Evaluation Plan (J Ostrander)
Classroom Observation Tool (P Saflund/J Ostrander)