Webinar: ATE Evaluation 101 (2012)

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Presenter(s): Elaine Craft, Jason Burkhardt, Lori Wingate, Melissa Miller
Date(s): September 19, 2012
Time: 1:00 pm ET
Recording: https://vimeo.com/51695179

In this webinar, participants will learn about the role of evaluation in ATE projects and get practical guidance on administrative/managerial aspects of evaluation. Evaluation may be foreign territory for those new to grant funding, so this webinar is intended to provide new ATE PIs and project staff with the information they need to get their evaluations off on the right track. The first part of the webinar, led by EvaluATE’s PI Lori Wingate, will cover the basics of ATE evaluation, especially its main purposes and uses (including to whom and how to report findings). In the second part of the webinar Elaine Craft, PI for the ATE-funded SCATE Center and the new Mentor-Connect project, will focus on project management-related issues around evaluation, with emphasis on working with college faculty and administrators (especially the “data people”) and developing explicit plans and agreements with external evaluators.  Elaine will review and share her pre-evaluation checklist for preparing to launch an ATE project evaluation.  Melissa Miller, Director of Institutional Planning and Research at Florence-Darlington Technical College, will share tips on accessing institutional data for evaluation.
Webinar participations will:
– understand the different purposes evaluation serves for ATE grants
– know when and where evaluation results should be reported
– be able to identify stakeholders at home and partner institutions who need to be involved in evaluation
– know what key decisions need to be made in consultation with the external evaluator at the start of a project
– be able to communicate needs for institutional data

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Mentor Connect: Principal Investigator “To-Do” Checklist: Before Launching Your Project Evaluation